Affiliates can create their own unique Vanity ID’s

When the client logins into the client area (e.g. My Account) and assuming they are an active affiliate, then clicks on Affiliates or Affiliate Settings from the menu, they will be taken to the summary WHMCS affiliate page:

You will note there is the normal ID link shown, e.g. in the example below ...aff=2. This is the standard affiliate link number issued via the numerical WHMCS database.

Now, with ACC, there is a new option for the customer to add a vanity ID, e.g in example below aff=vanityid (but the customer can set to any nick or name they prefer and the cookies will be tracked with the new ID:

p.s. There's also a 'Link to us' button on the footer of the affiliate page which links to ACC, replacing the 'old' affiliate numerical link id.